No fat. No haggle. No hassles.  No waiting for an on-line auction with a cattle-call of talent fighting for the lowest bid. Just a lean, mean, voice-ordering machine.

Your :60 or :30 spot just $75.00

They are professional.  They are non-union and cost-effective.  They are ready-to-record.   Egos need not apply.  Have script, will read - and they won't charge you a king's ransom.  That's all there is to it.

Filling out our order form is simple. Enter your talent selection. Cut/paste your script. Tell us how you want it read. You can also work with Digital 1 Media to assist you while your video is being created to put all the elements together. Contact us today

At Digital 1 Media we can provide professional  “VOICE TALENT” for you web-commercial’s, T.V. commercials, in 30 and 60 second spots.

for just $75.00