Did you know that about 81% of homebuyers use the Internet and Video to locate a new home, and only 35% attend open houses? Having a Video Tour, you have  created a round-the-clock online open house that buyers can conveniently experience from their home or office computer - Thats right a 24/7 open house.

When someone calls you after looking at the video tour they already have a true interest in the house. No driving to a listing spending five minutes and leave, you should be Spending your time with the customers who matter.

As a realtor how many hours have you spent shuttling buyers from one listing to another that you knew from the beginning wouldn't be of interest to them? Generally, agents who don't use Video Tours show twice as many homes to each buyer before a purchase decision is reached. And since gas prices are at an all time high, you are waisting time and money by not having a video tour of your listings.

No video tour will be a substitute for an on site personal walkthrough you will find it cuts out many of the properties and homes the buyer is not interested in. Buyers who don't use Video Tours spend an average of three times longer with an REALTOR before making a purchase decision. saving time, money and energy to get to the joy of selling the right property to a family.

Take in to consideration families relocating to the area because of military, or job change. They can get a feel for the area, home and setting from across the country. Buyers can literally show the property that they are thinking of buying to family and friends before they make a buying decision.

The Virtual Tours you generally see on real estate sites are a static 360 degree distorted view of a room that simulates motion.

Virtual Tours are all the rage these days in real estate. Photos are stitched together in a 360 degree circle, and you can virtual "tour" around the room.

Except - people don't naturally spin like tops! When was the last time you walked into a room, stood in one place, and spun in a circle? Common virtual tours are distorted, usually blurry, and always unrealistic.

While certainly better than a still picture, you have no choice as to the content and often the images are not flattering to the property. How many rooms does a typical home have that you would really want a 360 degree view? What happens when there is a construction site next door or that not so beautiful house across the street with a 1968 rusted Camaro on the front lawn?

Our Video Tours don't distort your property. Photos flow naturally, just as if you were in the room! It's just like watching television! And all videos are edited to show off only the best aspects of the property.

We provide you with the ultimate marketing impact. Clients everywhere will know and seek you out because you cater to their needs and their busy schedules. Video is more impressive than a virtual tour in showcasing the beauty and serenity of landscapes, gardens, swaying trees, water features, flying birds, floating clouds, fountains - it all adds to the vibrancy and exuberance of the video presentation.

A video tour of your properties shows off the property with immense visual and emotional impact. We believe that emotional connection increases the odds of your being contacted by a potential buyer for an appointment for a personal tour.

Step up your marketing program by offering the BEST tours online! The difference is clear! Why spin around when you can have full motion VIDEO?


Q: How long does it take to produce a Real Estate Video Tour?

A: Between an average of 30 to 90 minutes of filming time for the property, this of course depends on the size of the property and home. Depending on editing preference music, voice over and compression can take approximately 2 to  5 hours additional. (The general goal is to have the property on the web within 24 to 48 hours.

Q: Can a video tour cost more than a 360 degree virtual tour?

A: Yes, time labor and equipment involved is considerably more expensive. Narration, royalty free music and graphics take time to develop and present in a video package. Remember if you are unfamiliar with web site viewing for photos, and / or video you must be able to encode them to the right high quality format. The reward is several times fold on the product you receive. The old adage is you get what you pay for.

For More Information or to set up an appointment contact sam@digital1media.net or at 360-239-4076