Digital 1 Media began with a simple desire. Over the last few years we have developed our skills and services and tailored them to the customers needs. 
One of our area’s is senior portraits and how when parents are getting their kids ready for collage the additional expenses for that last year of high school start rolling in. Parents don’t have to pay a large price tag to get quality senior prints. That is where Digital 1 comes in, quality print with a reasonable price starting at $200.00 see our photography section for more details 
Another area is video production gearing towards web commercials or called e-mercials in the industry. Many people are looking for every way to reach the potential client and more and more people are watch commercials on their computers at home because they are interested in that product. If you look at the trend for yourself websites with graphics and video keep peoples attention and potential purchases. See our video production page for more details. 
WEB SITES, business small and large are not in the loop of the main stream if they do not have a web site. Many people will go to a web site before leaving the house, office when they want to find out details about a potential destination. Travel, music and large businesses rely heavily on the power of the web and the website they have. Some business do only online and web site services. If you are thinking that you need a web site for your business small or large, then you probably do. Take a moment to look at our website page. 
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Do you own Real Estate that you have listed to sell?

Do you have so so photographs at the realtor s office and getting no response?

With todays economy and the housing market being what it is everyone needs an edge.  That is why more agents and sellers are adding a simple but effective video tour of the listed property.  Make your add more like a movie that invites potential buyers to look at 24 hours a day on line.  That is right, your home can be walked through day and night for just the right buyer. Contact us today for more information or ask your realtor if they are offering this service.

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